Home Inspection Service in Cleveland

Your search for an experienced inspection service provider in Cleveland is bound to end with Brownstone Solutions. Here, you will get answers to all of your questions pertaining to house inspections. The inspection services we bring you are reliable and accurate. Our team of house inspectors will work day in and day out in order to ensure that you are supplied with accurate details of your property. 


All of the inspection details will be handed over to you within 24 hours. All of the work undertaken by us is backed by years of experience. Whether it is pre-sales inspections, we are here to help you out with just about anything (related to house and property inspection). Just drop us a word or give us a call if you wish to get inspections done. Don’t worry, our rates are quite reasonable and won’t end up creating a hole in your pocket. 


Our Inspection services are:

 We offer a wide range of inspection services such as: 

  • Building inspections
  • Pre-sales inspection
  • Progress Quality inspections



To top it all. We bring you a wide range of  inspections to ensure that your property is safe and clean. A clean and tidy property has the power to attract a large number of buyers. A well-maintained property is likely to fetch you a good amount of fortune. Also, it is a great way of creating an everlasting impression on your stakeholders (buyers, partners, etc.). All of us, at Brownstone Solutions, make sure that you get only the best home inspection services in town. Ours is a trusted name in the world of house inspections. Ring us on our numbers or write us a word or two and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Our experienced professional building consultants conduct extensive inspections and then provide accurate easy to read reports


Brownstone Solutions are committed to providing our clients with the best accurate information available to help with your property making decisions.


All accessible areas from the sub-floor to the roof void are thoroughly inspected, followed by a complete, concise, easy to read report.