Our Frequently Asked Questions

Quite a lot of questions are bound to fly through your mind the moment you plan to get a housing inspection done. Well, we are here to answer all of them for you.

What comes under a building inspection?

During a comprehensive building inspection, we undertake the following tasks:

The Roof Exterior: We check the corrugated metal, tiles,  and membranes. If the rooftops are leaking, you’d get to know it. We will inspect each corner of the roof. The drainage pipes and the cannings would also be taken care of. Even the slightest of problems won’t go unnoticed.

The Roof Interior: Not just the exterior, we’ll take care of the roof interior as well. All of the connections and framing members will be checked. In case there are any kind of defects, then you’ll be notified.

That’s not all. We will also examine the building’s exteriors. You’ll get an update about all the cracks and other kinds of damages. Termite attacks would also be accounted for.

Am I allowed to attend the inspection?

Of course you can. Just notify us well in advance that you’d be coming to attend the inspection. After we are done with the inspection, you can have a chat with the inspector regarding the issues that need to be addressed.

What kind of inspections do we undertake?

We provide comprehensive building inspection reports such as:

– Technical Reports
– Expert Witness
– Structural Engineer Reports
– Estimating Reports
– Dilapidation Report

What are the charges?

Well, charges depend on the amount of work that needs to be done. Inspecting a big house would certainly cost more than inspecting a small house. Ah, don’t worry. We won’t overcharge you. The prices we quote are quite reasonable. Also, the quality of service we provide is unmatched.